Welcome to QWAFAFEW – Denver


Welcome to our 2016 Season.  We have a great lineup of programs and will be adding more, so please check back with us often.

To contact us, please email Denver@qwafafew.org.

QWAFAFEW Denver Steering Committee:

J.P. Tremblay, University of Denver
Jon Tesseo, Signal Investment Research
Mike Jackson, T3
Jeremy Frank, 361 Capital
Jonathan Bower, Charles Schwab
Miles Graham, S&P Global


The Burridge Center Conference is being held this year on November 17th.




2016 QWAFAFEW Denver Speaker Series:

Thursday May 19th: Dan diBartolomeo, Northfield

Thursday September 22nd: Goutham Balaraman, Numerix

Wednesday December 14th: Holiday/Networking Party featuring panelists from Blackrock, S&P, and others.